Stan Lee Spider-Man Auction Item

One-of-a-kind signed Spider-Man memorabilia item up for bid until September 16th, 2017 at

Board Member Jansen Young talks about this special auction item :

On July 19th, 2012 my late boyfriend Jonathan Blunk and I walked into a movie theater with a bunch of strangers. We all gathered for one common interest, SUPERHEROES! That night gave me a whole new insight into what true heroism really is! from the man who laid down his life so I could be here today, to the unwavering bravery of our first responders, and the immense effort of the medical professionals, many lives were saved! I’m left with such deep admiration and respect knowing we have Real Life Superheros living among us. And I am not the only one, Stan Lee also realized this. Seeing the turmoil in our country, specifically the Dallas Police Shooting on July 7th 2016, Stan Lee with his Daughter J.C. Lee discussed what could possibly be done to help our country. JC suggested a lapel pin, similar to the American Flag politicians wear; something to remind us to stay united regardless of our differences. Stan hit the drawing board. in this attempted to help our law enforcement, he realized everyone can be a Stan Lee’s Hands Of Respect has generously donated this ONE-OF-KIND, signed Stan Lee memorabilia item — featuring a Spider-Man Homecoming Prelude signed by Stan “the man” Lee himself!!A signed original hand drawn Spider-Man art piece by comic book artist Joe Rubinstein, A Spider-Man Homecoming WORLD PREMIER movie ticket signed by actress Garcelle Beauvais, And finally a Stan Lee, Hands Of Respect photo print. This framed art piece is a stunning tribute to an amazing Superhero creator. It is both ironic and unsurprising that the same thing we gathered for 5 years ago, is the same reason we celebrate today. May this donation help to fund our permanent memorial, to give tribute to all the Victims, community members, and first responders that stepped forward and lent a hand in creating unity, and healing as they showed TRUE Real Life Super-heroism. We on the board are feeling very blessed, humbled and excited about this item, and are so excited to have the support of Hands Of Respect!