7/20 Reflection Memorial Garden

From the City of Aurora Website:

The 7/20 Memorial Foundation, in partnership with the city of Aurora, will honor those whose lives were lost or changed forever because of the tragic events of July 20, 2012, with a memorial garden where the community and those impacted by loss can remember loved ones and reflect, seek comfort, strength, peace and hope.
The city is building the garden, while the memorial foundation and committee are focused on adding special features such as artwork, benches, etc. that will enhance the space and create places for individuals to take in the beautiful and serene area. The garden will be included as part of the planned, phased expansion of the current Aurora Municipal Center Xeriscape Garden expansion/continual improvements, located at East Alameda Parkway and Chambers Road.
The 7/20 Memorial Foundation, composed of family of victims, survivors, and others directly impacted by the tragedy, is seeking donations for the enhancements to the planned garden. The funds raised will be used solely for these purposes.
“I am passionate about this memorial because it is something positive and needed,” said Tiina Marie Coon, a member of the 7/20 Memorial Committee, explaining her involvement in the effort. “Through the memorial we will all have a place that is peaceful to reflect and remember.”
Megan Sullivan, sister of one of the victims, echoes the importance of the fundraising work. “The Reflection Memorial Garden will allow the community to come together to remember our loved ones and those individuals whose lives have been forever changed,” Sullivan said. “The construction of this garden by the city provides a blank slate upon which we can add special touches that create a place of healing for the Aurora community and every individual personally impacted by tragedy.”