Paper Crane Peace Project



We know first- hand the impact that banners and words of encouragement sent to us in 2012 had on us. In the past, we have sent banners with signatures from our Community to others affected by the all too familiar mass tragedies that have taken place. Selecting Douwe and his Crane design this year, has given us a new direction for giving back to others. Rather than sending banners, we will be sending wreaths made of origami cranes.
Sadly, after sending a banner to Las Vegas, several other communities have been impacted by tragedy. On December 21st from 3-5 pm at the Aurora Strong Resilience Center, we are inviting the Community to join us in folding cranes and assembling the wreaths. Together we will create these symbols of peace and love that will be a true testament to the kindness and humanity that is much stronger than hate.
Our goal is to continue to fold and collect thousands of origami cranes to be a visual display of the amount of never-ending love and compassion that is abundant in this world.
If you can not make it next week, the Aurora Strong Resilience Center will always have origami instructions and supplies available, as well as future community crane folding sessions scheduled throughout the year. We also welcome you to fold cranes from your home or with another group that you are a part of by following the instructions below.
• Purchase a pack of 5 7/8” X 5 7/8” origami paper at any Michael’s or Hobby Lobby for under $10. The more colorful the paper and patterns the better!
• Write your positive thoughts, prayers, and words of encouragement on the white part of the paper before you fold it, or write something on a wing if you prefer.
• Instructions for folding a crane will be in the pack, or look up how to fold a crane on You-Tube.
• Bring the finished cranes to the Aurora Strong Resilience Center at: 1298 Peoria St, Aurora, CO 80011

We received hundreds of words of encouragement and mementos in 2012 that lifted our spirits. Our foundation knows how much it meant to us then and now, which is why we made banners for other Communities who found themselves in the all too familiar position we have been in. We find a connection with every person that approaches to sign the banner. The sharing of compassion in that moment, brings light between us, and that CAN change the world. Because with each hug shared, and each word written, our hearts are added to the hundreds on the banner and beyond to make a combined force of Love and Strength which is more powerful than anything else!


Project Hope Baskets

Our foundation was honored to partner with Project Hope Baskets to bring the banner signed by so many of you to Las Vegas at the end of October. Katie, Mega and Caleb Medley, along with Megan Dearman, Jennifer Witkowski, and Maria and Anna-Leece Carbonell brought hugs and hope to many of the first responders. They were also very touched by the outpouring of gratitude from many of the locals whom all had a common sentiment “We are so amazed by the resilience and compassion we have experienced in our Community.” A sentiment we in Aurora share as well. Thank you to everyone who made this trip possible!